One-Day Seminar on Accuracy

Seminar Topics



1 Slitting: Precision Slitting for Delicate Surfaces


The thinner and the more sensitive the material becomes, the more things have to be considered in the design of a slitting line. A lot of development has been done in the past to cut very thin strips with as little burr as possible. Much of the development has gone into slitting strips with as little burr as possible, keeping a constant slit edge and in handling strips with the most sensitive and reflective surface. In the seminars, you will learn how a high efficient and accurate slitter works and what the differences are between different brake systems and line types.



2 Leveling: Improve Flatness and Remove Internal Stresses


The leveler is the key success factor of a strip processing line. It essentially determines the sheet quality. The band width of the leveler ranges from the simple flattener, which can be used to eliminate the coil set up to the high-efficiency leveler with changeable cassettes that produces “dead-flat” material in laser quality. In the seminars, the theoretical principles of leveling are explained and the different types of levelers will be presented.



3 Stretch-Bend-Leveling: Flattening Strips of Paper Thickness


In the last years, the demand for metal strips with double or triple zero thickness increased rapidly, especially for copper alloys and stainless steel. B+S lines are able to level those strips. The quality of flatness meets the demands of the market. During the seminars, we are showing how those lines are designed and how they work.



4 From Coil to Sheet: Cut to Length Lines


The desired production volume and the material that is processed have a significant influence on the design of a cut to length line. Highly sensitive strip surfaces or tight tolerances for example, demand special solutions. We will demonstrate to you how you can meet the technical requirements of any of your customers economically. The different technical options with their individual advantages will be presented during the seminars.



5 Tooling: Technology for Precise Slitting


An examination of slitting theory and how to produce an optimum cut with minimal burr. Including the topics of the theory of slitting and shearing. How to setup proper clearances and tool tolerances with shimless tool sets. How to minimize burr and optimize your cut. Recommendations for individual assemblies with a rubber stripper ring system or steel stripper ring system and the need for correct tool handling and care.



6 Traverse Winders: The Capability to Increase the Length of the Slit Strips


Precision traverse spoolers are applied where slit strip must be wound to a larger strip length. Single rings are uncoiled and welded together and so, oscillating with the traverse winder, wound up. These lines can be customised with thickness measuring systems, precision leveling machines or an oiling device. In the seminars, you will experience how this technology will make your life easier and speed up production.



The seminar papers will be available to download.

Seminar Program

Seminar Locations

Seminar location: Doubletree by Hilton Ontario Airport

Hotel & Reservation: Doubletree by Hilton Ontario Airport

222 N. Vineyard Avenue Ontario, CA 91764-4431

Seminar location: Marriott International One Parkway East

Hotel & Reservation: Marriott International One Parkway East
Greenville,  South Carolina  29615



Mr. Volker Lüdecke

Technical Director at Burghardt + Schmidt GmbH

Volker Lüdecke has been with Burghardt & Schmidt GmbH over 20 years and is holding the position of the Technical Director. Additionally, he has more than 30 years experiences in this industry. Volker has intensely developed the product portfolio of Burghardt + Schmidt over the years. In particular he created the progressive foundation for the engineering of the Stretch-Bend-Leveling lines.  Moreover, he has gained a vast knowledge of thin gauge slitting over many years of close collaboration with B+S´s customers.

Dr. Lutz Henrich

General Manager at Schnutz GmbH

Dr. Lutz Henrich completed his studies in mechanical engineering sciences. After his studies, he decided to scientifically investigate sheet metal leveling in his PhD. In addition, it helped him to understand the importance of leveling at very young age. He has been working in the field of sheet metal forming technology for more than 25 years. Furthermore, he has gained extensive practical experience to his theoretical background over the years. Since 2007, he is the general manager of Schnutz.

Mr. Rüdiger Uhlitz

General Manager Sales at Neuenkamp GmbH

Rüdiger Uhlitz has been with Messerfabrik Neuenkamp GmbH for 22 years and currently holds the position of General Manager of Sales. Starting as a technical engineer in tool production, he was promoted to technical sales in 1995 and became a specialist for all kind of slitter tooling products and applications. For more than 15 years, he has been responsible for international sales in Europe, North America, Asia, and Russia. He has supported numerous projects of leading steel processing customers worldwide with his expertise.